The whole workload in the organization is beared by the voluntary board members. They are responsible for all the administrative tasks, the collection of money, the website and other media for publicity. Furthermore, they organize the SYPT, the team qualification and the preparation of the selected team. Some of them are even part of the Swiss delegation and accompany the team to the international tournament to coach them on site.

The board has the following members (January 16, 2019):


NameFunctionAffiliationSYPT/IYPT Experience
Samuel Byland President MNG Rämibühl Longterm coach and IYPT juror, EC member
Marc Bitterli Actuary   SYPT/IYPT participant
Daniel Keller Treasurer MNG Rämibühl Longstanding coach, IYPT juror
Patrick Lenggenhager Webmaster, industry partners   SYPT/IYPT participant, coach, IYPT juror
Eric Schertenleib Donors relation, press   SYPT/IYPT participant, coach, IOC member
Lioba Heimbach Members   SYPT/IYPT participant
Émilie Hertig Representative French-part of Switzerland   SYPT/IYPT participant
Prof. Dr. Andreas Vaterlaus Contact academia ETH Zurich Regular IYPT juror
Dr. Thomas Jung Representative SPS Paul Scherrer Institut SYPT/IYPT participant
Florian Koch SYNT   SYPT/IYPT participant